Master key systems flawlessly balance control and convenience.

Master key systems (MKS) are smart, scalable and super- effective keying solutions in which selected keys are configured to open a number of predefined entries, using different types of locking products and efficient planning. These locking systems provide organizations with seamless access control while economizing on the number of keys in circulation.

Keyed Alike Systems:

The epitome of convenient keying solutions, the Keyed Alike option allows for the operation of multiple doors with just a single key. Several products in a single system can be keyed to the same locking combination, enabling them all to be unlocked using the same key.​​​​​​​

Masterkey Systems:

Ideal for multiple lock use applications, master-key systems are a perfect way to control key use and efficiency. Commonly seen in our HMO (House of multiple occupancy) system's, the landlord will have the masterkey, while a room user (usually student etc) will only have access to given locks i.e bedroom, front door/back door etc. 

Our professionals will help you design, build and maintain a highly effective and efficient system that ideally suits your needs, providing you with ongoing expert support throughout the installation and implementation process.​​​​​​​

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