MASTER LOCK Excell Discus Padlock

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This MASTER LOCK Excell Discus Padlock has a stainless steel body for maximum strength and weather resistance. It features a boron-carbide shackle which is 50% harder than hardened steel, and a fully shrouded shackle ensuring minimum exposure, providing protection against bolt cutting attacks. The lock has a 4-pin cylinder to prevent picking, dual lock ball bearings for maximum resistance against prying and a key retaining feature to ensure the padlock is not left unlocked.


Supplied with 4 keys
Weather Resistant
Key retaining feature  
Stainless steel body for maximum weather resistance 
Fully shrouded shackle 
4-pin cylinder for increased pick resistance 
Boron-carbide shackle which is 50% harder than hardened steel 


Brand Master Lock
Shackle Diameter 12mm
Shackle Finish Boron Carbide
Vertical Clearance 17mm
Body Width 80mm
Barcode 3520190929686
Horizontal Clearance 24mm
Product Code M50EURD
Brand Master Lock


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