The Lifting Club

Gymshark Lifting Club Solihull

Located on the multi-complex business park at Blythe Valley, Solihull, UK, the Lifting Club is a place for the conditioning community to unite and inch closer to their physical goals every day.

The Gymshark Gym, otherwise known as The Gymshark Lifting Club (GSLC), opened its doors back in 2019, unveiling itself as a one-of-a-kind innovation hub designed for learning, lifting, and conditioning. LKS is proud to assist in delivering the architectural ironmongery needed by this prestigious company.

Our Role

LKS worked with the lead contractor when the site was under development creating bespoke black ironmongery. This ranged from euro cylinders, door closers and push plates. All powder-coated black to match the themes Gymshark had created at their Lifting Club. 

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