Evva EPS 3 Star *** Restricted Euro Profile Cylinder TS007 2012

102mm 41/61 (36/10/56)
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Evva EPS - 3 Star ***Restricted Profile System

BS EN 1303:2005 TS007 2012
Security for generations

EPS reliably protects residential properties and is also suitable for clearly structured master key systems. Consequently, EPS is a frequently used access system in office buildings, catering or residential properties. EPS is the successful result of the continuous development of tried and tested EVVA pin systems. High levels of user convenience and the system's durability make the system the best pin system.

The EPS cylinder

​​​​​​​EPS is a spring-loaded pin system with 5 or 6 active, spring-loaded scanning elements and offers up to 20 additional side codings. The keys' integrated manipulation control within the cylinder and the dual-action locking pins offer a high level of security. The EPS cylinder is available in compact and modular design.

​​​​​​​The EPS key

The Evva EPS Kitemarked TS 007 3* Rated cylinders offer the best protection available. They have a high resistance to bumping, snapping, picking and drilling and have been tested to EN 1634-1 meaning that they have been tested on a fire resistant steel door and are rated to 90 minutes fire and smoke resistance. They are supplied with 3 keys and a key duplication security card.​​​​​​​
The EPS key is a strong nickel silver key with large key cross-section. This makes it wear-resistant and long-lasting. The distinctive side coding and associated, integrated manipulation control make it even more secure. Thanks to the robust length profile and optimised lower milling grooves, the EPS key is particularly easy to insert.​​​​​​​
  • Picking and scanning protection
  • Plug Drilling protection
  • Body Drilling protection
  • Pulling Protection
  • Patent protection until 2027
  • For master key systems with clear structures
  • One key can fit all Restricted key profile
  • BS EN 1303:2005 TS007 2012
  • ​​​​​​​EL30 & E30 fire and smoke doors approved to EN 1634-1
  • Keyed alike & masterkeyed cylinders supplied with 2 keys per cylinder
  • Keyed differ cylinders supplied with 3 keys per cylinder
  • Additional keys can be ordered online or in-store using security card provided
Because the Evva EPS uses the same key profile for both 1* Star and 3*** Star cylinders, we are able to product both ratings for use on one key. This is perfect when a master-key system is needed where a 3*** Star cylinder is needed for external use to comply with insurance but only a 1* Star is needed internally to suite a budget.  

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Product Code 102mm 41/61 (36/10/56)
Brand EVVA


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