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Euro Thumbturn Cylinders

Euro Thumbturn Cylinders can be fitted to most UPVC, composite, wooden and Metal doors. The euro thumbturn  cylinder is operated using key access one side, and a thumbturn on the other for ease of exit. The euro thumbturn  is available in 100's of sizes, styles and security options with or without a restricted key profile. Snap-Safe or ''Break-Secure'' options are also available with 1 Star and 3 Star accreditation. 


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Euro Thumbturn Cylinders
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Coin Release Euro Cylinder & Turn
£8.78 ex. VAT
Euro Double Thumbturn + Thumbturn Cylinder
£12.88 ex. VAT
Evva EPS COG Thumbturn Restricted Key
£52.18 ex. VAT
ISEO F5 Single Euro Thumbturn Cylinder
£21.69 ex. VAT
ISEO R50 Thumbturn Euro Cylinder
£47.75 ex. VAT
R6 5/1  Cylinder & Turn
£48.60 ex. VAT
Single Euro Thumbturn Cylinder
£9.63 ex. VAT
Yale 416N Euro Thumbturn Cylinder 70mm
£83.58 ex. VAT
Yale 417N Euro Thumbturn Cylinder 70mm
£92.86 ex. VAT